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Barton Groups' Online workshop 2.30pm Sun 14 June 2020

Angus Taylor wants to divert money from the government funded Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and give it to the fossil fuel industry to frack our country!

Our leaders have a choice. Coming out of this health emergency, we could have an austerity driven “gas-lead recovery”, or we could have a renewables boom and green jobs for all! 

This workshop stems from calling, letter writing and other activities to Save ARENA, to now look at:

  • how we can broaden the campaign,
  • what other actions can we take to build support to STOP Morrison, Taylor, and his mates in the fossil fuel industry stealing our renewable future.

This workshop doesnt have a fixed agenda but some possible areas to discuss follow:

  • Calling/contacting/writing to Angus Taylor and your local MP are an excellent start but who else would be valuable to contact??  Who are the “community influencers” in your local area??

  • Many of you supported a campaign earlier this year to contact Canterbury Bankstown Council encouraging them to write to Origin Energy.

    It was a great success, the motion was unanimously passed by Councillors and the letter included two key statements:

    * Express our support for the traditional owners and communities in the Northern Territory who have expressed their strong opposition to fracking due its threats to the climate and to their lands, waters and rights; and
    * Request that Origin Energy cease all plans to conduct fracking in the Northern Territory and elsewhere due to its impact on the climate, communities, environment and water, and commit to further investment in environmentally and socially sustainable renewable energy projects.

    How then can members engage with their local Council to contribute to the Save Arena campaign??

  •  Last year Barton Group ran a film evening with a student speaker to build support for the very successful Students Strike in the Domain.

    The last strike was online, how can we continue to support students and younger Australians campaigning for climate justice within social distancing constraints?? 
What:​ online workshop to share ideas to broaden the Save ARENA campaign
When:​ 2.30pm Sunday 14th June for about an hour or two
Who:​ You, friends, family

RSVP to receive details on how to connect


Looking forward to seeing you online,

Mark and the Barton team  

June 14, 2020
2:30pm - 4:30pm
Online zoom
Mark Rogers ·

Will you come?