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Barton Action Group's Meeting 27th March 2020

We know that we are facing a climate crisis.
The reality is climate change ruthlessly marches on. Our PM swings from Hawaii to shaking bushfire survivors hands, to becoming spokesperson for Australia's world class health care experts while climate debate is quashed in parliament and Zali Steggall's climate bill gets postponed..

We in Barton group had been working toward community information evenings starting with emmissions reduction opportunities to support the nearest Climate town hall meeting.

The pandemic precautions meant our information evening has been deferred and GetUp is refocusing their climate initiative to fit our changed environment.

I will attend an event on Wednesday 25th where GetUp will outline their new focus and Barton meets 6.30pm Friday 27th which will now be online using Zoom software.  Zoom is a very successful commercial product offering free registrations and I expect first time users shouldnt have any serious problems using it.  More information including video instructions are below, it would be great if you could connect to our Friday meeting.

The meetings agenda will be to discuss future campaign initiatives and options, both those coming from GetUp and Barton's own initiatives. We all have empathy for the human issues involved with Coronavirus but I ask that we concentrate on options where we can campaign for a better inclusive and socially progressive future for Australia and address the climate emergency.
Hope to see you online, (dont turn up at our usual meeting place)
Mark and the Barton Team
March 27, 2020
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Inner South West Development Organisation / Raine and Horne
Suite 1 11-13 Hartill-Law Avenue
Earlwood, NSW 2206
Mark Rogers ·
Nora Elsharkawy

Will you come?