About the State Support Teams!

GetUp has a network of forty Action Groups nationally, supported by a team of volunteers called the State Support Team in each state. There’s a State Support Team for Queensland, NSW, and a combined team for Victoria and Tasmania. Each State Support Team is coordinated and led by a GetUp state-based staff Organiser.

Purpose of the State Support Teams

  • Supporting Action Groups to carry out campaigning and organising activities through the use of leadership development, coaching, training and guides.
  • Supporting GetUp HQ’s state-based Organiser to foster the state Action Network.
  • Facilitating connections between Action Groups.
  • Testing, evaluating and improving on common practices in Action Groups.
  • Feeding into national conversations about best practices in Action Groups and the Action Network.

Why are State Support Teams Essential to our vision?

We are building a grassroots movement for change. A diverse and passionate movement of people taking action to create a fair, flourishing and just democracy. Action Groups have been, and are, forming across the nation to join our campaigns, attract new members and grow our movement. But without support, connections and training, our movement won't become the connected, effective and HUGE movement we imagine! That's why State Support Teams are so important! Working with our organising staff, State Support Teams provide connections between Action Groups, understand and provide training needs that groups identify, provide campaign support and more! It is an absolutely essential part of our movement and without it, we can't succeed. 

What a typical week might look like as a State Support Team member:

  • Calling Action Group leaders to check in and answer questions they have about GetUp campaigns, processes or technology.
  • Attending Action Group meetings.
  • Working on training and other needs for the group.
  • Helping organise state wide leadership events.
  • Inputting into GetUp campaign strategy and tactics.

Team structure

There are a range of roles within the State Support Team, specialising in organising, training or campaigning. When operating with all roles filled, the State Support Team will have internal working groups for each of these areas. Until all those roles are filled, SST members may take on a mix of tasks across all three areas.

Desirable skills

State Support Team members may have one or more of these skills:

  • Experience with grassroots community groups
  • Facilitation skills
  • Experience in training or management
  • Project management skills

For a full introduction to the GetUp Action Network and State Support Teams, please check out this handbook and the Action Hub: action.getup.org.au