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#WriteYes Collaboration Call

GetUp is campaigning for a resounding Yes and taking on the racist ‘no’ campaign head on led by our deadly First Nations Justice team. As the campaign intensifies, the stakes are high.

We are looking to our movement partners for potential collaborations to ramp up our campaign to do the work we know it requires to win this referendum.

RSVP to this event to receive the zoom link to attend and find out how you and your organisation can be involved. 

August 11, 2023
10:30am - 11:45am
Online - RSVP for the link to attend!
Fahimah Badrulhisham Simon Bradshaw Inari Saltau Jessica Magdalena Cait Coffey-Wong Laura Melville Charlie Wood Cherry Muddle Frederica Hill Samuel Dariol Crystal Falknau Nina Atkinson Clare Silcock Tahlia Ludlow

Will you come?