#StopAdani Higgins Action Apr 2018

Adani is still around, thanks largely to the support the LNP government has continued to express. 

So on this black Friday, let's show Kelly O'Dwyer what Higgins thinks about Adani. Let's send a loud and clear message that we don't want to dig any more black stuff up, we don't want to see the seas go boiling black and we don't want to leave the next generation with a black future.

Come on down to Kelly's office and let's make some noise! We will have signs to carry, songs to chant and cameras on hand to let the world know what we are doing. And it being a Black Friday we will be having a coal funeral service and procession. So come wearing black! And who knows? We may even get to speak to Kelly in person!


April 13, 2018 at 10am - 11am


To get full location details please RSVP to this event.
Kelly O'Dwyer's office
Malvern, Victoria, Australia


Miron Mizrahi · · 408258813

Will you come?