GetUp Higgins Action Group meeting

Are you sick of the injustice and inequality in our country? Are you fed up with politicians who don't really represent us? Are you desperate for change (but not 'climate change')? 
Would you be willing to help create a fairer, flourishing and just Australia? Are you ready to stand alongside hundreds of thousands of other progressive Australians to make that change happen? 
If the answer to all these question is 'yes' then our local GetUp Higgins Action Group (a part of the greater GetUp Action Group Network), is for you! We co-ordinate alongside other GetUp groups on National campaigns, and collaborate with local activist groups on local campaigns.
So join us and come along to our group meeting. You will meet and socialise with like-minded people who care about the same stuff you do. There are over 200 GetUp members in Higgins and it is time we met and joined together. 
We are an ACTION group, and we do more than just "talk"! Right now we are working on #StopAdani action so you’ll have the opportunity to DO something to make a difference on an important campaign.
We know you have questions and we will answer all of them, bring you up to speed on what our group has done so far and what we plan to do in future. 
We are building a movement unlike any that Australia has seen before. We need every person who cares to be ready to step up and get involved when the time comes. Will you be ready?
Please bring your friends too!


March 20, 2018 at 7pm - 9pm


To get full location details please RSVP to this event.
Camberwell Library
Camberwell, Victoria, Australia


Miron Mizrahi · · 408258813

Will you come?