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Power Mapping & Community Outreach Training

Building power in our communities is key to shifting the policies of political parties and governments. In this training, you'll learn how to map and reach out to different groups in your community in order to build alliances and power. 

February 12, 2020
7pm - 9pm
online, NA NA
Leanne Tindal Kristie Dunn Annie Close Rosemary Evans Mae Chong Mark Davoren Fiona Muir Sally Anand Rebecca Lee Elizabeth Hindmarsh Val Wheatley Rebecca Lee Diana Beere Alan Raby sally Newell Gordon Melvin Daniel Panek Ronan Mellin Jennifer Mcconnell Penny Burns louise newey John Buckley Frances B=P Denise Bell Sharon McGann Sue Dixon Susanne Weress Fiona Treloar Michael Wasiliev Sean Curran Sandra Hammond Mick McGrath Brett Bond emily mcleod Philippa Hambleton Gabi Curwood Moira Williams Lois Genis Natalie Clark Kyle Towns Jillian Warpeha paul sargeant Shayne O'Neill ayla garlick peter johnston Richard Fisher Karlene McCabe Michelle Hancock

Will you come?