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Bushfires Debrief & Where To Now - Online

Devastating fires are ravaging our communities and wildlife. People have lost their loved ones, their homes, their special places and their livelihoods. Though we’ve known the science for years, watching the climate crisis unfold before our eyes is harrowing.

Coping with this tragedy is a challenge of its own, especially for many of our members who are on the frontline or have been fighting for climate justice for years. 

But amidst this crisis, there has been incredible hope and energy. Thousands of people are coming face-to-face with climate change, and they’re asking what they can do about it.

We are running debriefs for GetUp members at our first meeting of 2020, to talk about how to help first-time climate activists build a powerful movement. 

For those who are still processing, and not quite ready for action yet, we will be making some space to debrief & share our experiences together for those who would find it helpful.

January 22, 2020
7pm - 8:30pm
Online, NA NA
Shaun · · 0402 337 077
Ross Liddle Sandie Pulver Daniel Panek David Christie Joy Nason Crispin Rock Rob A John Duncan-Watt Megan Bartley

Will you come?