Which campaigns will my GetUp Action Group work on?

Which campaigns will my GetUp Action Group work on?


At any given time, the GetUp Action Network will have a key campaign that we are working on together. Action Groups will decide whether or not they want to work on this big national push, or continue to work on a different campaign. Within each key campaign, groups will be able to choose from a range of campaign actions, or tactics, with a big focus on having effective conversations. Groups will also have the opportunity to come up with their own tactics and get creative.

The GetUp Action Network is about focussing the activity of dozens and dozens of groups around Australia around a shared national strategy. Being part of this the GetUp Action Network means being part of these national campaigns. The key national campaign will be be chosen on the basis of its urgency, our ability to create impact together -- and it will be the area in which your Action Group will get the most support. We know we are strongest when we work together and focus our energy to maximise our impact, and the more coordinated we are, the better. Having so many local groups working towards a common goal is what gives the GetUp Action Network its strength. 

If there are other GetUp campaigns, or issues that you’re keen to work on, please get in touch with your State Support Team or your State Organiser. Between you and the other members of your action group, there’ll be a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills tied to your community and electorate.

However, where we need to tread gently, is when it comes to elections of any kind. As an independent and non-partisan organisation, it’s important that we make decisions about how to engage with elections thoughtfully and carefully. When an action group is organising together under the GetUp banner or a member has a GetUp t-shirt on it’s really important not to campaign for or against any party or politician - even at a local level. If the GetUp movement does decide to get involved in an election in your electorate, Action Groups will be involved in the decision making process.