How will my Action Group work with GetUp?

How will my Action Group work with GetUp? 


To understand how your action group will work with GetUp, here’s a bit of context on how GetUp HQ operates internally.

In addition to the Organising Team, GetUp has a Campaign Strategy Team: a small dedicated team of staff working on each of our campaign ‘pillars’: Economic Fairness, Democracy, Climate Justice and Human Rights. Each campaign pillar is underpinned by a long-term strategy, and team members work on multiple deep campaigns and hot rapid-response moments.

A campaign strategy can take a team weeks or even months to plan, and a rapid-response moment might see the entire GetUp staff drop what they’re doing and work around the clock to organise events in every capital city the following evening.

But there’s something new on the horizon - and it’s exciting!

The aim is that from now on, when the GetUp Strategy Team is nutting out a campaign strategy, they’ll also be scoping out strategic opportunities for Action Groups to get involved at a local level -- to build power in your communities, and take the campaign to a whole new level. There will also be opportunities for your Action Group to be involved in developing tactical interventions or strategy.

Starting in 2018, when there’s a new campaign that seeks to have Action Groups as a core part of the strategy, the GetUp Organising team will reach out to Action Groups with opportunities to get involved. If this is the case, your action group will be provided with:

  • An overview of the campaign plan and strategy

  • Relevant research and studies

  • A list of tactics the campaigns team or partner organisations plan to roll out (some of which you can make your own)

  • Any relevant support and training

  • An opportunity to input into these plans

Then it’s over to you! You and your action group will:

  • Determine how much capacity you have to put towards the campaign

  • Weigh up how important it is for your action group to get involved

  • Decide how your action group will get involved, and who will do what

  • Decide what tactics you’ll roll out (including coming up with your own ideas)