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GetUp gives everyday Australians the chance to make extraordinary impact – online, across the airwaves, and in the streets.

GetUp is a powerful campaigning community. By combining the sheer power of a million members, movement partners and a central team of expert strategists, we do what it takes to get things done.

Our work is driven by our values, not party politics. GetUp is, and always has been, an independent organisation. GetUp members come from every walk of life and around a shared belief in fairness, compassion and courage. Together, we campaign on issues that our members care about in the fields of Environmental Justice, Human Rights, Economic Fairness and Democracy.

GetUp is about making change, not just making noise. Everything we do is guided by carefully crafted strategies designed to win. Sometimes that means we gather in raucous protest, other times that means partnering with policy experts to develop new solutions, or we exercise our consumer power, and everything in between.

You can read more about the GetUp story by heading to the 'Our Story' page here.


We’re entering a new era where people power is more important than ever. In its founding years, GetUp provided its 1 million members with opportunities to take action online and mobilise around critical moments.

Next, we need to combine our movement's expertise in taking powerful online actions, and add in a game-changer -- cutting-edge tools to that enable everyday people to organise locally. 

Here’s the plan: to give GetUp members the tools, training and resources to connect with other local members, and organise into GetUp Action Groups. Working together, we will build power in our communities, establish lasting local networks, win locally on nationally important issues, and forge the way forward to a more fair, just and flourishing Australia.

GetUp has a ten-year record of winning campaigns. And local action groups have an even longer track record of making citizen's voices matter. By combining the power of local organising with the power of mass digital campaigning, we can reshape the political landscape. No one's tried anything quite like this before. Are you in?



An Action Group is a member-led group in the GetUp network. By joining an Action Group, you’ll work with other GetUp members and friends in your electorate to build power in your communities and work on (and win!) critical GetUp campaigns. This is your opportunity to deepen your involvement with winning campaigns, link arms with other members, and amplify your voice and power.

Action Groups are usually based around a federal electorate - so that depends where you live! The best way to found out if there is a group near you is to head to the map tool on this site - click here.

There are currently around fifty local action groups around Australia. If you can't find a local group on the map, but  you'd like to be kept in the loop when an Action Group is getting started near you, email with your name, postcode and local electorate.

You don't have to live in the electorate to join that electorate’s group -- so if there’s an Action Group in a neighbouring electorate, you could join that instead. Everyone is welcome, all the time, anywhere. Federal electorates are just one of the simplest ways of helping to decide which areas to support.


Any GetUp member - as well as passionate people in your electorate who are serious about making change - is welcome! Depending on which electorate you live in, there may be hundreds of GetUp members who are keen to join an action group, or just a handful. Either way, GetUp staff will help connect you with passionate, committed people you can work with to build power in your community.

While everyone is welcome, as groups grow it's especially important that everyone who joins an Action Group is on the same page when it comes to the GetUp movement’s values and vision. To help with this, the GetUp movement has provided some principles that we strongly recommend Action Groups adopt. You can find more about the Action Group principles here.


To understand how your action group will work with GetUp, here’s a bit of context on how GetUp HQ operates internally.

In addition to the Organising Team, GetUp has a Campaign Strategy Team: a small dedicated team of staff working on each of our campaign ‘pillars’: Economic Fairness, Democracy, Climate Justice and Human Rights. Each campaign pillar is underpinned by a long-term strategy, and team members work on multiple deep campaigns and hot rapid-response moments.

A campaign strategy can take a team weeks or even months to plan, and a rapid-response moment might see the entire GetUp staff drop what they’re doing and work around the clock to organise events in every capital city the following evening.

But there’s something new on the horizon - and it’s exciting!

The aim is that from now on, when the GetUp Strategy Team is nutting out a campaign strategy, they’ll also be scoping out strategic opportunities for Action Groups to get involved at a local level -- to build power in your communities, and take the campaign to a whole new level. There will also be opportunities for your Action Group to be involved in developing tactical interventions or strategy.

Starting in 2018, when there’s a new campaign that seeks to have Action Groups as a core part of the strategy, the GetUp Organising team will reach out to Action Groups with opportunities to get involved. If this is the case, your action group will be provided with:

  • An overview of the campaign plan and strategy

  • Relevant research and studies

  • A list of tactics the campaigns team or partner organisations plan to roll out (some of which you can make your own)

  • Any relevant support and training

  • An opportunity to input into these plans

Then it’s over to you! You and your action group will:

  • Determine how much capacity you have to put towards the campaign

  • Weigh up how important it is for your action group to get involved

  • Decide how your action group will get involved, and who will do what

  • Decide what tactics you’ll roll out (including coming up with your own ideas)

GetUp’s Organising Team will:

  • Aim to involve your Action Group in decision-making or campaign strategy that affects your local area or electorate

  • Train members of your action group in community organising skills and campaign strategy

  • Set up an online platform, Slack, for the main coordinators of the group to stay in touch with each other, connect with other action groups and get updates and information from GetUp staff

  • Do our best to respond to your emails at, and give you a call back when necessary

  • Provide a comprehensive FAQ page which will be updated regularly with common questions

We’ll rarely be able to cover the cost of your action group’s expenses. However, if there is a local stunt, action or event that is an important part of a campaign, send us an email and we will try to help.


At any given time, the GetUp Action Network will have a key campaign that we are working on together. Action Groups will decide whether or not they want to work on this big national push, or continue to work on a different campaign. Within each key campaign, groups will be able to choose from a range of campaign actions, or tactics, with a big focus on having effective conversations. Groups will also have the opportunity to come up with their own tactics and get creative.

The GetUp Action Network is about focussing the activity of dozens and dozens of groups around Australia around a shared national strategy. Being part of this the GetUp Action Network means being part of these national campaigns. The key national campaign will be be chosen on the basis of its urgency, our ability to create impact together -- and it will be the area in which your Action Group will get the most support. We know we are strongest when we work together and focus our energy to maximise our impact, and the more coordinated we are, the better. Having so many local groups working towards a common goal is what gives the GetUp Action Network its strength. 

If there are other GetUp campaigns, or issues that you’re keen to work on, please get in touch with your State Support Team or your State Organiser. Between you and the other members of your action group, there’ll be a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills tied to your community and electorate.

However, where we need to tread gently, is when it comes to elections of any kind. As an independent and non-partisan organisation, it’s important that we make decisions about how to engage with elections thoughtfully and carefully. When an action group is organising together under the GetUp banner or a member has a GetUp t-shirt on it’s really important not to campaign for or against any party or politician - even at a local level. If the GetUp movement does decide to get involved in an election in your electorate, Action Groups will be involved in the decision making process.

GetUp is a huge community of over 1 million members, and we’re a diverse movement. You should be careful to avoid language that suggests that you or your Action Group speaks on behalf of GetUp as a whole - rather, you’re speaking on behalf of your local group only. It's also important that you do represent GetUp positively in your local electorate. If you’re thinking of contacting local media, or you’d like assistance in responding, get in touch with the State Support Team for advice!

What does this mean in practice?

  • If you’re talking to a local representative or at a public event, you could say “As a member of GetUp and a coordinator of GetUp Grayndler, I believe..” or “Our local action group GetUp Macarthur is organising...”

  • If you’re requesting an MP meeting or writing a local media release, you could describe your group as: “The North Sydney GetUp Group is a local member-led group made up of 25 GetUp members who live in the federal electorate of North Sydney...”

When it comes to GetUp action groups, it’s safe to say no two will be the same. The amount of people in the group, the skills, personalities and passions you bring to it, and the campaigns you choose to delve into, will all impact they way your team is set up. It’ll be really exciting to see what you come up with!

We have a suggested action group structure in The Action Group Handbook, which names five key roles for your action group leadership team. These roles connect up with similar positions in other groups and in State Support teams, making it easier for your group to link in with available resources.

You can download the Action Group Handbook here.

GetUp has public liability insurance that action groups can use when hosting events, which is particularly important if you’re using a venue that requires it, or if you’re seeking a permit to do something in a public place.

You are entitled to use GetUp’s public liability insurance when you are organising a GetUp event through your action group. If the event will involve over 100 people, we ask that you notify us first.

To get a copy of GetUp's public liability insurance certificate, please contact your Support Organiser or email: 

Still have questions? Email: