Each of us have a choice to make. We can sit at home alone, shouting at the TV about our wounded world. Or we can join together to heal it.

GetUp is ramping up a national movement of local Action Groups, to fight for a more fair, flourishing and just Australia. We need a new form of power that can challenge the self-serving corporations and right wing media with too much control over our democracy.

We are going to do the one thing they can’t - organise door to door, phone call to phone call. With people power.

Join our movement of people powered impact.

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Upcoming events

GetUp Hobart - General Meeting

The GetUp Hobart Action Group is holding a general meeting. We meet regularly on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month. Come and meet the team, have your say, and be informed of the local and national issues we face. Newcomers and interested parties welcome!The Electoral Funding and Disclosure Amendment Bill currently threatens the apolitical stance of GetUp and other social action groups, forcing us to be associated entities of major parties. This is a grave attempt to suppress our right to democratic discussion, and we are planning meetings with local MPs and Senators to encourage them to scrap the bill.Are you passionate about climate change?Housing affordability?Pokies out of pubs?Political transparency?A fair budget? Come and have a roundtable chat about these issues, or bring your own concerns, to find out what we can do about them from the grass-roots.

Slack Training

Not so sure about the finer points of Slack? Want to learn how to control notifications so you don't get bombarded with info? Need to know more about uploading to Slack, searching for documents, or the etiquette of Slack? Then come to our training session on Monday 23rd April from 6pm till 7.30pm. Suzanne, Cesar, Calvin and Louise are volunteers ready to help you get comfortable with this tool, so you can stay in touch with the GetUp action network!

GetUp Cunningham Working Group Meeting - April 2018

Do you want to create a fair, flourishing and just Australia? We’re a team of volunteers who share a passion for pursuing environmental justice, human rights, democracy and economic fairness. Our working groups are currently planning campaigns and actions for: #DefendDemocracy - Raising awareness of the Charity-Gag Bill amongst local not-for-profit organisations and community members, and encouraging them to state their opposition to our local MP. #StopAdani - Growing the movement and taking action to encourage Labor to oppose the mine and signal a shift to better stewardship of our land, water, air, community and renewable energy. Refugees - Groundwork in preparation for when the new national campaign is rolled out. New members welcome! 

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