Each of us have a choice to make. We can sit at home alone, shouting at the TV about our wounded world. Or we can join together to heal it.

GetUp is ramping up a national movement of local Action Groups, to fight for a more fair, flourishing and just Australia. We need a new form of power that can challenge the self-serving corporations and right wing media with too much control over our democracy.

We are going to do the one thing they can’t - organise door to door, phone call to phone call. With people power.

Join our movement of people powered impact.

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#Defend Democracy SMS Team

Can you join our Defend Democracy SMS Team? We'll be using the latest peer-to-peer technology to ignite the democracy spark using SMS conversations. Training and support will be provided to help you make most of this easy-to-use technology in support of the Defend Democracy campaign. Simply RSVP to register your interest in joining the team!

GetUp Melbourne North East Action Group Meeting

Come and join us at our regular action group meeting  - meet like minded people, have fun and plan our next group actions to help build a fair, just and flourishing Australia for everyone. 

A Mighty Force Film Night for #StopAdani

The GetUp Sydney Action Group is hosting a screening of the new documentary  #StopAdani: A Mighty Force It’s the story of the unstoppable movement to stop Adani and what we need to do to stop one of the world’s biggest coal mines from being built near the Great Barrier Reef. Will you join our screening of #StopAdani: A Mighty Force on Thursday 22nd February at 6pm at the GetUp offices, 14/338 Pitt Street Sydney? The film shows a young Aboriginal woman standing up for country in central Queensland; a Melbourne Rabbi putting the pressure on his MP; Sydney volunteers calling voters during a crucial election; a Queensland farmer leading a massive creative protest; and tens of thousands of people spelling out #StopAdani in giant human signs across Australia! The film is being screened simultaneously on February 22nd at events across Australia and even as far away as India, as part of this urgent fight to #StopAdani.Adani will not simply walk away. They have billions of dollars sunk into their coal port and mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin. So if Adani won’t walk away, we’ll have to make them! As Juru Traditional elder Carol Prior says in the film, “Adani are dealing with a mighty force, and the more it grows, the harder we’ll be to beat.”  Please RSVP and let me know you’re coming to our screening!

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