Each of us have a choice to make. We can sit at home alone, shouting at the TV about our wounded world. Or we can join together to heal it.

GetUp is ramping up a national movement of local Action Groups, to fight for a more fair, flourishing and just Australia. We need a new form of power that can challenge the self-serving corporations and right wing media with too much control over our democracy.

We are going to do the one thing they can’t - organise door to door, phone call to phone call. With people power.

Join our movement of people powered impact.

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Calling Recruitment for Dickson Door Knocking

With the next federal election in sight, we are keen to get an idea of what is happening in the Dickson Electorate. We want to have members on the ground in Dickson, asking residents what issues are important to them. Join us to call members just like you, to join door knocking events in Dickson

Southside Tues 20th March: Planning meeting

Our Action Group meets on the 3rd Tues of every month to:- Meet new members- Get campaign updates from our group organisers- Plan upcoming actions and events- Identify any training needs- Get tips on how to use Slack, Action Centre, Google docs, etc - Network and support each otherOptional: - Bring along a small snack plate or drink, for yourself or to share- Arrive from 5:30pm for tea and coffeeTogether we can stay motivated and strong, and make a real difference! RSVP using the form on this page

Planning Group meeting for the action on Sat 25th March - a community event

On Sat 25/3/18 we plan to conduct an event, possibly in conjunction with the Adelaide AG. The event will probably be GetUp! members joining the Palm Sunday march, and we may continue the Defend Democracy campaign by getting others to sign the Statement of Opposition petition (and engage with them in the process). People new to the Southern Group are most welcome to attend this planning meeting to meet the current members, especially if keen to take part in a GetUp! action on Sat 25th March for a couple of hours, putting our GetUp! kit to good use, including T-shirts!

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